About Crystele Homes

Crystele Homes is a family owned and operated business since 2007.

When Daniel went through the building process himself as a client with his first home in the early 2000’s, it was a stressful, scary and eye-opening experience for both him and his family. As a qualified tradesman and already heavily involved in the building industry, he was astounded at the poor communication, lack of client involvement, and underhanded sales tactics that occurred throughout.

Building your first home was supposed to be exciting, challenging, and fun – right? And yet, everyone he spoke to had (or knew of) horror stories of builders doing a shonky job or not completing work, ripping people off and not returning calls or emails leading to record stress. Generally, people seemed to expect it to be a disappointing and painful process.

It was through this realisation that Daniel saw that he had the ability to offer a product and experience that others weren’t; to deliver not only amazing quality finished homes, but to make the process transparent, low stress, and at minimal risk to his clients. From those humble beginnings, Crystele Homes was born in 2007 and has thrived to become the Company that it is today.

The genuine passion and commitment of the Crystele family to meeting the needs and requirements of our clients is what makes us stand out from other home builders. Our specialised team will walk you through the process from the very beginning, and hand you the keys on completion. We prepare your plans and council approvals, organise colour and material selections, manage the construction process and clean up before you move in.

We pride ourselves on making what can be quite a stressful experience, as smooth and easy for our clients as possible.

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Mission Statement

Crystele Homes’ mission is to deliver high quality, affordable, functional homes to families across NSW. Crystele Homes is committed to de-risk the building of your home by providing a quality entry point with no hidden fees and outstanding customer service.

Vision Statement

Crystele Homes' vision is to be the example that changes the residential building experience in Australia. From a stressful, disheartening process to an amazing and life-changing adventure.

Core Values

Honesty – No cost traps, no hidden fees, peace of mind when buying and building

Integrity – We act with integrity in all our dealings. Trust and transparency are very important to us and we deliver on what we promise.

Respect – We always treat our staff, clients, suppliers and partners with the utmost respect.

Quality – We will not reduce our prices if it means compromising quality. We value our finished product and will still be proud of it in 50 years’ time.

Passion – We love what we do, and our passion is the foundation of our success

Discipline – We are committed to operating responsibly and we recognise, and reward the hard work of our team.