Mastering the art of cosy


In Denmark, they call it ‘hygge’ and while there is no direct English equivalent,  roughly translated it means ‘cosy’.  It’s the idea of creating a home that is convivial, content, and full of atmosphere - and it’s hygge that many experts attribute to the fact that Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. Find out how you can smile your way through winter (and Covid-19) with a little hygge.



Anything that you can snuggle up with (preferably with a hot drink and a book) equals instant cosy.  It goes without saying that blankets and throws are soothing and warm, but they also add beautiful textural accents to any room.

The same goes for cushions – they up the cosy game and create a relaxing atmosphere for you, and your guests.  Beyond aesthetics, cushions are also a great way of managing the acoustics in your house as they absorb sound and assist with noise reduction.



Lighting has important effects on our moods and our productivity, so you need to pay attention to all forms of lighting in your home.

Lighting is probably the key element of hygge – and when it comes to candles - the Danes believe you can never have enough.  Their flickering, glowy light creates a snug atmosphere and they are perfectly conducive for cosying up indoors. They also emanate a natural light that synthetic globes just can’t replicate. LED candles are gaining traction for people who don’t like the soot of natural candles or if they have young children.

Scented candles are also an easy way to make your home cosier. Find your signature scent and be sure to burn it throughout the cooler months, especially when the weather makes it harder to open the doors and windows for fresh air.  Scented candles are a clever and cheap way of changing the way a space feels, and how we feel in the space. Our olfactory senses are the strongest ones so nice smells can actually help us to relax.  A vanilla scent is one of the best for its soothing effects.

If it is not practical or safe to have open flames in your home, lamps create a charming atmosphere as well – just fit them with soft globes and be strategic about where you position them.  



If the home and design magazines are anything to go by - indoor plants are a must-have interior item.  And there’s many reasons why.  Firstly, they are inexpensive but make a real statement in any space.  They can make the room feel fresh and peaceful and add an instant pop of colour.  Secondly, they are good for your health: houseplants improve air quality by removing toxins and they help increase oxygen levels.

You need to be smart about choosing the right plants for the conditions in your home – for lowlight positions, plants like fiddle-leaf figs and some ferns are great, and if you are wanting to improve air quality, consider rubber trees and spider plants.

Need some indoor plant advice? Contact Flower Power the local green experts.



The smaller details really do matter and décor items like vases, candleholders and votives are a great way to inject personality, add an element of sophistication and a definite feeling of warmth.  Natural materials like wood and ceramics are the most calming.  A bookshelf filled with books is another simple but impactful way of achieving a charming atmosphere.

Be sure to select pieces that reflect your personality, there’s nothing less cosy than a space that feels too curated.



Hygge is all about comfort food, and there’s no better way to offset the winter blues that cooking (and eating) a nourishing meal. Getting the whole family to meal plan, prepare the meal and share it at a set table (with candles of course) definitely ups the cosy stakes. Plus, if children are involved in preparing dinner, they are much more likely to eat it.  Wintery dishes from here are the perfect inspiration.

Nothing says snuggle season like a warm hot chocolate - it’s an instant mood lifter and a delicious distraction.  Here’s the ultimate hot chocolate recipe.

Once you’re done – snuggle up under a blanket, light some candles and eat, drink and be hygge.

We love a hot chocolate, and we could talk custom-build design and interiors all day long, so contact us to see how we can create your ultimate cosy home.

Want to find out more about hygge? Then read ‘The Little Book of Hygge – The Danish Way to Live Well’ by Meik Wiking

- From the team at Crystele Homes.


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